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Finished Apartment / Villa Project with Beach Access









Luxury Living Meets Coastal Charm

Immerse yourself in the serene ambience while enjoying breakfast amidst the garden or on your house’s terrace, accompanied by the delightful melodies of chirping birds and the joyful laughter of your loved ones and children.

Each morning, the Bodrum Gündoğan Project greets its residents with a breathtaking sunrise, infusing a sense of renewal and vitality. Open your eyes to the vibrant blue hues of the sea, complemented by the lush greenery of olive trees and the pristine white sands. In this idyllic setting, you’ll find yourself in closer proximity than ever to the calm waves and refreshing sea breeze, nurturing a vibrant zest for life.




Unveiling Paradise: The Bodrum Gündoğan Project

The Bodrum Gündoğan Project is situated on an expansive 28,000 square meter plot of land, with a generous allocation of 20,000 square meters dedicated to preserving natural open spaces. This exclusive development showcases 51 meticulously designed apartments, ranging from cozy 1+1 layouts to spacious 4+1 residences. The 1+1 units span between 90 to 130 square meters, while the 2+1 apartments offer a range of 90 to 190 square meters. For those seeking even more room, the 3+1 flats provide living spaces from 225 to 200 square meters, and the 4+1 options boast sizes between 230 to 245 square meters.

An exceptional team, ranging from the dedicated concierge to the attentive housekeeping staff, stands ready to cater to your every need with utmost efficiency and friendliness. Their collective goal, much like the dolphins that grace the waters nearby, is to ensure your complete satisfaction and make you and your children feel truly special in this world.

As you venture out into the sea, sailing a mere 2-3 kilometers away, the enchanting presence of dolphins joins you, serving as a poignant reminder of your unique place in the world.

Time seems to effortlessly slip away, with hours passing like minutes throughout the day. Should you desire, indulge in the private beach, allowing the soothing embrace of the sea to envelop you. Alternatively, bask in solitude by your very own pool, relishing moments of tranquillity. Engage in an exhilarating match on the tennis court, leaving behind all stress and worries, or rejuvenate your mind and body at the invigorating SPA. For those seeking inner peace, find solace in the zen garden, allowing your mind to unwind.

Amidst the enchanting ambience, among the delightful aromas of olive, sage, and thyme, countless delightful activities await you. Time seems reluctant to bid farewell, as you savour every moment. Furthermore, the project maintains consistent service standards throughout the year, ensuring that each season becomes an extraordinary experience, extending far beyond the boundaries of summer.


  • Milas Bodrum Airport: 50 km away
  • Yalikavak Marina: A mere 9 km distance
  • Golturkbuku: Merely 11 km away
  • Midtown AVM: Conveniently located within 15 km
  • Bodrum Center: A short distance of 25 km

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Abir Malaeb is the Founder and General Manager of Portia Real Estate, a leading name in the real estate industry. Abir is renowned for her expertise in property development and investment. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence have driven the success of Portia Real Estate, making it a trusted player in the residential and commercial sectors. Abir’s strong relationships with clients and partners and her strategic vision have propelled the company to new heights.

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