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Duplex Villas located in Istanbul, Bahçeşehir with Social Facilities









Redefining Excellence in Modern Living and Investment

Your deepest aspirations for your family find fulfilment in the rapidly developing region of Istanbul. Welcome to Bahçeşehir Villas, where a life intertwined with the serene Başakşehir Pond and enriched by social and cultural centers awaits you.

With a selection of 177 villas and exclusive privileges, Bahçeşehir Villas promises a level of comfort that only the elite can experience. Brace yourself for a transformative lifestyle, offering a plethora of exquisite designs and rich alternatives that will rejuvenate your spirit.



Social Facility


Indulge in Elite Living at Bahçeşehir Villas: Your Gateway to Blissful Family Life

Prepare to experience endless joy in these remarkable detached villas, thoughtfully designed for the essence of family living. Embracing a low-rise horizontal architecture amidst lush greenery and the delightful scents of blooming flowers, Bahçeşehir Villas will immerse you in a world of comfort and exclusivity that only a privileged few can enjoy. Let us build a future for your loved ones, where every detail reflects your taste and aspirations.

From interiors crafted with top-quality materials to aesthetic details that make your life easier, every moment in Bahçeşehir Villas will be infused with comfort and elegance. We invite you to rediscover yourself in a life that offers abundant choices, where impeccable design meets your unique desires.

Located on a sprawling 3,500 square meters within the enchanting Bahçeşehir Pond, the Extreme Istanbul Adventure Park beckons with its expansive 26,000 m2 recreational area. The park also features a newly opened restaurant and entertainment venues, providing delightful experiences around the picturesque pond. Create lasting memories and moments of joy with your loved ones in this captivating setting.

Invest wisely in a location with high investment value and secure your future. Bahçeşehir Villas not only offer a comfortable living space but also provide a lucrative investment opportunity. Experience the best of both worlds—an ideal home and a profitable investment—in one exceptional place.

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Abir Malaeb is the Founder and General Manager of Portia Real Estate, a leading name in the real estate industry. Abir is renowned for her expertise in property development and investment. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence have driven the success of Portia Real Estate, making it a trusted player in the residential and commercial sectors. Abir’s strong relationships with clients and partners and her strategic vision have propelled the company to new heights.

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