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Introducing Bahçelievler Project: A Sustainable Oasis in Istanbul

Developed by a prominent figure in the Turkish construction industry, the Bahçelievler Project shares the developer’s commitment to sustainability, echoing the philosophy seen in their other projects. This urban oasis offers a tranquil lifestyle intertwined with nature, ensuring residents can enjoy all the necessities of daily life without compromising on comfort or convenience, thanks to its strategic location in the city center.



Embrace Nature and Luxury at Bahçelievler Project

Nestled in Merter and featuring price options starting at 55,000 TL per square meter, this project comprises a diverse range of 796 residences, ranging from 2+1 to 5+1 configurations. Adjacent to the development, there is a sprawling 33,000 square meters of lush green space and an additional 42,300 square meters of woodland. A picturesque 210-meter-long pond graces the project’s landscape, and each flat enjoys an abundant 94.5 square meters of green surroundings.

Renowned for their successful projects spanning from Dubai to Phuket, with a track record of delivering over 20,000 residences, this Istanbul-based developer is embarking on new ventures. Among these ventures, the Bahçelievler Project will rise on the sought-after Efes Pilsen land in Bahçelievler-Merter, a favored location within Istanbul. This project, characterized by its verdant surroundings, offers a serene living environment.

Situated a mere 9 minutes from Metroport AVM, 5 minutes from Marmara Forum AVM, 12 minutes from Kazlıçeşme beach, 9 minutes from Yıldız Technical University, 7 minutes from Istinye University, and 9 minutes from Ramada Hotel and Medicana Hospital, the Bahçelievler Project enjoys convenient access to key amenities and institutions.

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